Ad of the Week - Wizard Pins

Got a gift idea, but don't know how or where to get it done? Don't worry, let Wizard Pins work their magic. They promise to help "create anything you can imagine".

Known for their bewitching customer service, their passion for conjuring only high-quality products—they've become the go-to end-to-end manufacturer of custom pins, coins, keychains, and other promotional products.

In its nature, Wizard Pins is already a very creative company. So you may be wondering, where would they need help with ads? Well, exactly where a lot of creative marketers struggle— measuring results and pinpointing what's working.

This is where Pencil comes in. As seen on the 10-sec video above, there is a precision in which the text is shown, the clips are cut, and how the elements appear; all of which are intentional calls generated by AI.

Pencil intelligently pairs up a brand’s taglines, images and videos depending on data that's been pulled from previous ads.

How does it work? Pencil connects to your FB Ads Manager, automatically pulls data from your running ads, and uses machine learning to find out what elements of your ads work, helping start an automatic and sustained learning loop, so creatives like the team at Wizard Pins get better at ROAS over time.


Made By Machines,
Loved By Humans

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