Ad of the Week - The Pill Club

In almost every industry, consumers are seeking convenience and flexibility, and the booming “Healthcare at Home” movement reflects this. Enter The Pill Club— the easiest way to get birth control. They allow you to choose from several different brands and get refills as easily as buying something from Amazon, without having to find a pharmacy or doctor's office.

We chose The Pill Club's as this week’s best ad because of the way they used lifestyle videos to tell a story. Watch the 8-sec video above. 

As you’ll see, the ad uses a mix of videos and the final result—the combination of these videos—tells a story. Storytelling in an ad can induce personal connections with its viewers, and The Pill Club leveraged this technique by using copy and video that focused on call-to-actions which showcased emotional benefits like ease and convenience.

The Pill Club was able to use existing lifestyle videos and repurposed them for the ad using Pencil. 

Pencil creates dozens of ads in minutes. After a one-time your brand kit, Pencil automatically generates ads using Copy AI, Video AI and automatic size and duration versioning. From here you can choose to make edits—or export them directly to your FB ad account.


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