Ad of the Week - Stryke Club

Dubbed as skincare essentials for the boys Stryke Club is a one-of-a-kind product line designed for today’s teenage boy—the one who’s ready for a lesson in self-care. The brand is set on revolutionizing the beauty industry with its unique, meticulous and effective combination of ingredients that promote clear skin, confidence and mindful grooming habits for life.

Stacy Blackman, along with the amazing team at Stryke Club, have been transparent about how the idea of the brand was taken from their worries as moms. We chose them as this week's best ad, because that same authenticity translates into 14-second video ad above.

As you'll see, part of the video was in no way professionally produced—it was a normal photo of a mom and her son—a photo you might see from your friends and family on your Facebook feed. And contrary to what some might believe, that's what makes it great.

Facebook is a casual platform so less formal ads can work well. Even assets taken with your smartphone can be effective because they’ll more closely mimic the content people typically see in their feed, which means there's a higher chance they'll want to view it. And in case you need a more comprehensive guide to production for ads, click here.

With the sheer amount of ads today, people have learned to tune out messages they can’t relate to. Authentic ads like these let you cut through the noise and stand out to your target audiences. Furthermore, they help you express brand values and purpose. And since many consumers (younger ones in particular) are more inclined to align themselves with businesses that share their values, authenticity puts you in a position to win over the right customers.

Pencil's advanced AI will make it easy for you to take your existing assets—whether they're brand films, UGC videos, TV Ads, and even photos like these—and turn them into hard-working, high-performance Ads.


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