Ad of the Week - Roman by Ro

Ro is a patient-driven telehealth company aiming to be a patient's first call for all of their healthcare needs. Using technology, Ro empowers physicians to provide high-quality, affordable care when and where patients need it most. Roman is their dedicated product line for men's healthcare.

As they aim to simplify the personal healthcare process, it's only fitting that they simplify how they produce ads, too. The video above shows us a great example of how they used Pencil to generate a simple yet effective 10-second ad for one of their profound treatments targeting hair loss.

We liked this ad in particular because the colors were strongly contrasted, making it stand out on one's Facebook feed. The ad also shows clear and concise copy, helping drive the consumer to arrive at a decision faster.

Pencil creates dozens of ads in minutes. After a one-time setup of fonts, colors, and logos, our one-minute generation uses copy and video AI to produce a new batch of ads that guarantee both enticing visuals and compelling copy—just like Roman's. Choose from a variety of formats, export, and you're done!


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