Ad of the Week - Plum Deluxe

It’s about tea, but not as you know it—Plum Deluxe is about shared experiences, conversation, trading community jokes, and mainly taking people from different social and economic spectrums and bringing them together with one unique interest, to create a community of people who all have one thing in common - tea.

We chose Plum Deluxe's ad as this week's best because it was simply beautiful, and more importantly, it worked best. See the 15-second video above.

Andy Hayes, CEO and Founder of Plum Deluxe, took a chance on Pencil and let AI work its magic—and the results speak for themselves. Here's how he and his team came up with the ad: "As we have a lot of SKUs, we tend to mostly produce lifestyle photography, as that is the most multi-purpose for us. We use Pencil to quickly generate video designs that include a variety of photography overlaid with text, and the occasional video reel thrown in.  We also combine hand-manipulated text with AI generated headlines. Doing this, we've achieved a ROAS double the typical ROAS."

He adds, "when looking to quickly iterate on video design concepts, Pencil saves us time and presents options we might not have thought of otherwise."

So when working on your next batch of ads, don't worry about keeping it simple, because you can #TrustTheAI.

Pencil generates high-ROAS FB video Ads, and then optimizes campaigns wave by wave. When you connect Pencil to your FB Ad account, it learns which videos and which elements worked best, so it can optimize each future ad.


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