Ad of the Week - Misen

“Better tools for better cooking” is Misen’s promise. The brand provides the necessary (and quality) tools to complete one’s mise en place prep at a near-professional level through its knives and cookware. All of which are made using premium steel.

Misen takes extra steps to ensure its products are of quality materials and thoughtful designs. In their goal to do so, naturally, they want to produce ads that are of the same standard. The 14-second ad above shows us how they used Pencil to do just that.The ad exemplifies the importance of aesthetics in advertising.

The visuals are compelling and perfectly showcase the functionality of the knife. On the other hand, the copy is simple (both in writing and look), which purposefully doesn’t take away from the visuals— complementing each other perfectly.

It’s also notable that the ad’s format is similar to one of those #oddlysatisfying video trends you may have seen circulating around your feed. Videos like these have been psychologically proven to attract consumers because their sense of symmetry provides instant gratification.

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