Ad of the Week - Lyka

It's time to re-think dog food. In a world where kibble is designed to sit on a shelf for months, nutrition comes second. Lyka is flipping the status quo and putting nutrition first—an inventive subscription dog food service—their mission is to reshape an industry built around a highly processed and unnatural diet. 

As innovative as Lyka is, they've decided to take the same approach with their ads—by leveraging on the breakthrough that is Pencil's machine-generated creative. Watch the 17-second video ad above for a great example.

Congratulations to James Harding, Head of Growth at Lyka Pet Food, and the whole team for this bold direction. When thinking about dog food ads, the first thing that might come to mind are, dogs, and maybe dogs eating away on a full bowl of product. Definitely not clips of humans eating dog food. 

Creative ideas like these are what make brands stand out. Advertising is effective when people remember you. It shows that your brand is listening, taking the time to understand customers, and how to connect to them.

This is part of why we’ve named ourselves Pencil. The Pencil software was built as a tool intending to encourage humans to further explore their creativity and spend more time on big ideas like this by letting AI take care of the less exciting processes.

Pencil's one-minute generation uses Copy AI, Video AI, and automatic size and duration versioning; automating the repetitive tasks, so you and your team can focus on the more important things.


Made By Machines,
Loved By Humans

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