Ad of the Week - Bravo Sierra

Bravo Sierra is the only personal care company built with and for the U.S. Military to meet the needs of all those who lead active lives. They promise to deliver consumer-driven technical innovation, non-toxic sustainable formulas, and affordability for all.

As they take extra steps to perfect their products, they do the same with their ads and used Pencil to generate multiple variations until they found the best one—and it was the 9-second video ad above. We chose Bravo Sierra as this week's best ad not only for its visual appeal, but because it was also a clear winner in terms of performance.

The backstory: Kelly Burke, Bravo Sierra's VP of marketing, had the brilliant idea to run an internal competition to see who among their team can generate the best ad with Pencil. By doing this, she gamified the experience, making it enjoyable for each team member to come up with their own set of ads.

Believe it or not, the winning ad was generated by a team member who specialized in influencer marketing. She didn't have much experience with performance marketing, but her ad got the best performance! Why? She made the least edits and trusted the AI the most.

It just goes to show that humans + AI = superhumans! It can be common for humans to develop bias because we have a tendency to cope by repeating familiar techniques and habits to save mental energy. But optimally, thousands of different ideas should be given equal consideration.

With Pencil, you can stop trying to guess the winners, and let your customers vote. Let Pencil help you push batches of 5-10 Ads directly to Facebook, so you can run small-budget tests each week, then scale your high-performers, and repeat to find new winners.


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