Pencil And: Sender & Coast

Key results

  • Avg. ROAS lift from 1.4 to 1.6 (+14%)
  • Over 3 months of tests incl. 21 creatives across 174 ads
  • Test spend $10-50k vs. baseline spend $10-50k range


Between July and September 2020 we generated and ran >5 FB campaigns using Pencil Creative AI Ads.  


Overall we ran 21 creatives in 174 ads across Crew Day Sale items, and especially PS700R and the HL8R, XP11R, the penlight, the Work Kits and the Polysteel 700R.

Challenge & hypothesis

Our hypothesis was that using Pencil's Creative AI platform could scale and improve overall account performance for Coast by generating and testing a variety of fresh creative approaches and formats that could help us crack the creative code of the brand.

We proved this was an effective strategy across multiple waves of generations, and we intend to continue scaling and improving our brand performance with automated Facebook ads from Creative AI.


Our Facebook Ad objective was conversions. Pencil generated strong DR creative that was clearly designed to convert sales, using the 'Shop Now' CTA button.

The ads were short and well-structured, communicating a clear 'ABC' - Attention, Benefit, CTA. Working with Pencil's Creative AI platform, we've learned that we can spend more time fleshing out strategy that leads to better creative asset development, and no longer need to worry about the bandwidth we hemorrhage by having to create the amount of versions necessary to test effectively.

For instance, if we just input a few words into the Pencil brief, and drop in some high quality visual assets, then Pencil will do the hard work for us to convert these into high quality performance ads. Given the low cost and quick turnaround, we can also experiment and generate different types of assets.

Our Pencil ads for Coast have consistently outperformed our previous/existing assets while allowing us to test new content at a faster pace than ever before.


“Our brand and products always start with the customer, and now with Pencil we’re using our FB ads to find language and visuals that resonate and convert. We’re communicating with our users, not at them.”

  • Tyler Peterson, General Manager, Coast Products

"The campaigns delivered strong results and were considered successful at unlocking new audiences and scaling investment, with ROAS ranging between 1.4 and 1.6."

  • Rich Tubman, Co-Founder, Sender

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