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October 26, 2021

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Ever wonder what it would be like to fully express yourself in new ways or feel more creative? What if this pent-up desire could take flight, enhancing your ability to communicate and connect? Dream no longer.

At a time when creative thinking is a business imperative, important new tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) will expand our ability to imagine new ideas, bring them to fruition and work together. A wide range of emerging technologies—including 5G, quantum computing, open source code and deep learning—have converged in recent years, expanding and accelerating the capabilities of artificial intelligence and transforming it into a novel tool for expression and competitive differentiation.

AI probably won’t turn you into the next Mozart or Banksy, but it offers a new kind of superpower for the next generation of creators—from ad whiz kids and rocket scientists to movie marketers and art collectives—who will use it to punch through creative blocks, collaborate more effectively and rethink tough problems in fresh ways.

Welcome to the age of accelerated imagination.

Creative AI for ad creative development: Pencil

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