Pencil On: ECommerce Tech

June 16, 2021

After being featured and reviewed on ECommerce Tech, we're very proud to announce that Pencil has been chosen as the App of the Month!

When asked what makes Pencil different than competitors, ECommerce Tech answered:

"There are some tools that help creatives build ads, and there are some tools that help copywriters write better ad copy. This is a layer on top of both of those solutions. Pencil is for testing multiple variants of creative in order to understand your top performers.

The coolest part about this tool is how it is adding meta-data to your ads and then tracking their results to understand which meta-data points are contributing most to improved performance. That means that the next time you create ads, it will create better ads. And better… And better..."

Additionally, "Pencil is great for high ad spend merchants who have a strong brand and creative strategy, but keep getting bogged down with silly things like reformatting the video for Instagram Stories. Any high ad spend merchant isn’t doing enough split testing of ad creative, so this instantly solves that problem, which leads to magnificent discoveries in what will work with your audience."

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