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December 17, 2021

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Whenever we discuss Creative AI with people it's viewed as an efficiency tool, it is that, but it's also SO much more! Before, accomplishing what Creative AI can in minutes took days. We're not even referencing an ad that's ready to test; but creating cohesive the components needed to make an ad creative ready to run from raw materials in the system: copy, editing, sound, and narrative structure.

Brand Guidelines, Content Assets, Copy + Data set the stage for Creative AI to deliver outstanding results in a matter of minutes.

We partnered with Facebook IQ to dig into 4 ways Creative AI can expand human potential in the world of digital marketing.

Illumination -> creative insights in your ad data

Generation -> expanding your new ideas

Augmentation -> your creative output

Connection -> with your audience

The study covers examples from some of our favorite brands: Lyka, New Skills Academy, Angela Caglia, and an agency partner - Round Barn Labs, each of whom have been pioneers, helping us drive this technology forward.

We hope you give it a read and understand how Creative AI can help you move into the future of Digital Marketing.

Creative AI For Ad Creative Development: Pencil

Curious about how you might be able to flex your creative side when it comes to ad creative or want a smarter way to make create work for your brand? Try out tools like this one from Pencil that help to expand what you’re able to imagine and shape for your next ad campaign: try it here.


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