How to Shoot UGC Videos Yourself and Get Results

You've got a business to run, and you're probably busy trying to build it. But don't let that stop you from taking control of your brand identity and putting your name on the map by shooting UGC videos yourself!

In today's world, it's hard to think of a more critical marketing tactic than video. UGC is the fastest-growing form of internet content, and big and small companies are using it to reach their audience in new ways.

But how do you go about shooting your own UGC videos? It can feel like a daunting task, and it might seem impossible if you're not a professional videographer. But we've good news: You don't have to be an expert videographer to hire an expensive advertising agency to shoot high-quality UGC videos . That's why we created this guide: so that you can take control of your brand identity and put your name on the map by shooting UGC yourself!

What is User Generated Content? And Why Is It Important?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the content your customers create—that's right, us. UGC is a massive part of any business; the more you leverage it, the better.

But what exactly is UGC? It's basically what you or your customers create. It could be a photo on Instagram or a comment on Facebook, but it. Still, it includes videos, blog posts, reviews, comments on social media… basically anything that's not static content like an email or website page.

Why should you care about UGC? Because it's full of valuable information for businesses: insights about your customers' needs and wants; benchmarks for how you compare with other companies in your industry; ways to improve the user experience and increase engagement with your brand; and more!

How To Shoot A Stunning UGC Video?

You've shot amazing videos in the past, but something about them always felt…off. They were too short, didn't clearly understand what you wanted to communicate, or weren't very good.

You're here to change that.

Here are some of our favorite tips on how to shoot a stunning UGC video:

Know Your Audience

The people who are going to watch your video are not your friends. They're not even your family members or colleagues. They're strangers — and they're just as likely to be watching YouTube or other social media platforms as you are. So understand that your audience has different goals than you and will want something different from what you want them to see.

Watch Some Other Videos

You don't have to copy someone else's style. However, if you're trying to create an original piece of content, it helps to look at other examples of similar work. It helps get an idea of the kind of tone and feel that works best for what you're trying to accomplish with your video.

Consider Lighting

You should try to shoot in a well-lit area. You don't need expensive equipment or fancy setups to get good lighting. Just put your camera on a tripod, and point it at a window or desk lamp.

A good light source will help you achieve good exposure and contrast and make your subject stand out more clearly.

Keep videos short, snappy, and engaging

Video should be kept short — no more than two minutes long. Don't waste time showing off your editing skills or trying to show off your catalog of products and services. Keep it simple and fast-paced so viewers can easily understand what they are watching and how they can take action on what they see (like clicking on an "Add to cart" button).

Always Film Video Content

Unless a static image is needed, always film video content, the reason for this is that you can edit and add any additional features easily. If you have a static photo of the same person, you must find a different angle or re-take the image to get it right.

Use Short Portrait Mode

If you are shooting on the phone, use selfie mode instead of landscape mode. This allows you to get more creative with your angles and use all of the features on your phone, like filters and bokeh effects.

Organize Content Neatly

When editing videos, it is best to organize them into segments based on how long each part will be (e.g., 3 seconds or 30 seconds). Then make sure that each segment has a title and description so that people know what they are looking at when they click on them in their feed or see them in their story section of Instagram Stories or Facebook Live Videos!

What Factors Contribute To High-Quality UGC?

Many factors can contribute to high-quality videos. However, four main areas should be considered:

Choosing The Right Content Creators

Content creators are generally people with something to say, so they don't have to be experts in your field. They need to be passionate about what they're doing and be able to turn their passions into something useful for you.

Creating a Detailed Brief For  Your Content Creators

This will help them avoid making mistakes and produce high-quality work. It's also helpful if you give them guidelines on how they should format their work, where it should be published, and how many revisions they should expect before publication.


The quality of this content affects how well it will be viewed and shared online and by potential users. A poorly written article or poorly edited video will not have a positive impact on its viewers.

User Experience  

You want people to take your content seriously and understand what you are trying to say without reading through a wall of text or watching an entire video before getting any value from it. Poor user experiences can make people lose interest in your work quickly because they feel like they're wasting their time viewing something that doesn't offer any value or purpose.

What Factors Contribute To Poor UGC?

You can follow guidelines to promote the development of the best user-generated content, as mentioned above. So, the quality of the content users provide is a vital part of this.

However, many factors can contribute to poor videos. These include:

  • Lack of awareness about the value of UGC
  • Misuse of filters
  • Difficulty in expressing ideas or opinions using language or technology that is appropriate for the intended audience
  • The inability of content creators to express themselves as an expert in their field or domain
  • Poor lighting
  • Noise in the background
  • Lack of authenticity from content creators
  • Duplicative content
  • Poorly edited videos
  • Filming from the same angle
  • Extra Long videos
  • Low-quality camera

Tips For Using UGC Videos In Your Instagram Ads

User-generated content is one of the most potent forms of marketing, especially on Instagram. It doesn't require any setup; it can be accessed anywhere at any time and has a solid emotional connection with consumers.

It's no wonder why brands are increasingly turning to UGC as a way to market their products and services. But where do you start?

Here are some tips for using these videos in your Instagram Ads:

Find Good UGC Videos That Match Your  Audience

It's wise and time-saving to reach out to a specific group on Instagram, for example, millennials, parents, etc. You can do this by checking out the trending topics section on Instagram or looking at other popular accounts in your niche/industry area.

Ask For Permission To Use The Videos On Your Ads

When creating a campaign and uploading your first video, make sure you ask for permission from the video's creator. This way, your ad will be more likely to be seen by the creator and their friends, which is crucial for reaching your target audience.

Use Content That Showcases How To Use Your Products Like Reviews

You can also use UGC videos as content for your Instagram ads. For instance, if you're selling a product that requires some assembly or installation, try featuring a user reviewing how they put it together so they can easily follow along with them as they do it themselves. The same goes for any other product where users need help using or installing it — including gym equipment and electronics!.

Optimize Your Ads For Mobile

Mobile devices are one of most Internet users' most popular ways to access Instagram. This study shows that 23.92% of the 4.18 billion active mobile internet users access Instagram monthly, the same number of people living in Europe and North America combined. That means that around 90% of customers will view ads on mobile!

UGC Is The Holy Grail Of Marketing

If you are a marketer or business owner looking to break into the world of UGVC, do not be intimidated. Instead,  take it step by step. First, find some content creators who create content that matches well with your brand identity. Then reach out and see if they would be willing to help you make some videos for your company.

If all else fails, ask your loyal customers how they would like their company to present itself in a video or the type of videos they want to see on social media. Or ask them if they wish any specific types of videos made about them or their business in general. These are just some ideas — there are endless possibilities!

In our experience, creating UGC is fun and can be very rewarding when done right! So you can take advantage of our creative ads maker and learn the easiest way to get winning ad creatives from your UGC video contents and get 2x better ad results at 10x less time and cost with Pencil.


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