How Bravo Sierra captured ads intelligence with Pencil to grow their battalion

BRAVO SIERRA is the only personal care company built with, and for the U.S. Military service. Engineered for simplicity, and to meet the demanding needs for all those who serve our country.

All Bravo Sierra products are field tested by active duty military personnel to ensure they provide the most dependable solution to all environments.

A small but mighty platoon of 30 employees has landed Bravo Sierra on Forbes Top 25 List of Small Business Survivors and Thrivers.

Kelly Burke
VP of Marketing of Bravo Sierra
Harvard MBA

"Its so hard to predict whats right, and you spend so much time figuring it out; and Pencil takes that investment and emotion, out of the equation"

Generate Ads At Scale

Bravo Sierra small but agile team wanted to do all the ad marketing themselves. As experienced marketers, they understood the power that an automated creative system could offer to a team that was growing rapidly but had limited bandwidth.

They started to realize that they were outgrowing their team's ability to produce creative at scale, and that not having enough creative could hurt their businesses growth.

They decided to use Pencil as their creative would process was taking days, and they wanted to be able generate ideas in seconds.

"It used to take us 3 days to complete ideas, and now we create ideas in minutes"

We let the AI write for us

Now that the team was able to generate ads quickly, what comes with Pencil is unlimited; and clever copywriting.

Coming up with copy lines that cut through the noise on social media channels is an especially difficult task; even for the most experienced marketing team. Bravo Sierra entrusted our system to create copy with their ads, that spoke to their customer base.

"Our mission, no bad odours; that was all machine...your soap should be this good; also the machine, and I would never write that either. This is an example of the A.I bringing a lot of personality into copywriting and as a marketer you can become too myopic"

Using Intelligence

Using the insights from the learning system was also a key factor in Bravo Sierra's strategy to winning the battle of Facebook performance. The ever changing landscape of ads are a daily grind to navigate and subjective hunches cannot outwit automated.

Pencil eliminates the human bias that most performance marketers and creative minds have; it all all data-driven insight for winning and losing ads.

Trusting an automated system was also a change for Bravo Sierra, but knew this is the future of gaining an edge on their competition.

"Its so hard to predict what's right and you spend so much time trying to figure it out, and so Pencil takes that time investment and emotion out of it"

No More Bias

Bravo Sierra adapted to the data-driven insights that the system would provide about the creative performance. Removing human hunches, and our innate bias; they become data driven and no longer hypothesized about what creative was performing and why that was. They now had the answers.

The time-consuming and constantly changing landscape of marketing is all taken care of, and he can focus on steering his business in the direction he’s always wanted to.

"Our creative team has an innate bias and they would gravitate towards the same assets, and you have your own hunches...and now we no longer get attached to creative"

The Big Picture

Keeping tabs on Facebook ads manager, the time-consuming and constantly changing day-to-day data is now all being monitored 24/7 by Pencil.

This unlocked additional bandwidth for the marketing team at Bravo Sierra, enabling them to focus on big picture business rather than grinding out creatives and tweaking ad campaigns based on biased hunches.

Bravo Sierra recently raised series A, at 12 million USD led by Global Founders Capital. They are committed to increasing their coverage of marketshare with their unique brand that focuses on cleanliness, efficiency, and giving back to the military veterans community; at a rate of 5% of all sales being donated directly.


Made By Machines,
Loved By Humans

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