Bark improved their CTR by 37%. Jealous?

As a small company, resources are always a problem.

Bark is a world-leading service marketplace with over 5 million customers in 8 countries worldwide. This requires a great amount of paid media creative to be produced, and Bark only has a 2-person growth team.

Any growing business is likely using a few tools to modify, launch, automate, and analyze their ads. Bark was no different.

As the company grew, it was difficult for the growth team to achieve entire creative coverage across their paid media channels with such a wide range of categories.

"We would be using a few tools, manually creating ads, exporting them, and manually reviewing each, for every single category we had....we service 1,100 categories so it's a lot."

If they wanted to grow, the team at Bark needed a different approach to producing high volume and high-quality video ads.

Without scaling creative to a high output, they would be severely limiting their ability to grow their paid channels and increase their marketshare worldwide.

Trying to make ads A$AP? Pencil's got the Key

Pencil is the pioneer of AI generated creative and we can create unlimited combinations of ads from your assets. Our system can create copy, video, and static images to help you get those ads out the door.

The manual process of creating ads with designers, or using several different tools to make it happen, is the old, slow, and expensive way of doing things.

Bark was struggling with this and has not looked back since joining forces with Pencil. They have 1,100 business categories and within minutes they can create specific niche ads ready to launch into paid channels.

"In the time it takes us to get 20 ads done on Pencil, we could get maybe 3 or 4 done manually."

37% increase in CTR, and 3x improvement in revenue per click. DAMN.

Pencil is able to continually outperform itself with every batch of ads that is pushed to Facebook; the system is learning each moment an action takes place. The Pencil AI learns with each Facebook ad you test.

"We saw Pencil ads outperform our own ads, in revenue per click ads by 3X...which is amazing, and in our most recent test, Pencil ads were doubling our revenue per click..and we were seeing these metrics across the board."

Pencil is also able to learn over time to get you performance insights and translate those learning into results. This is critical in markets where you are unfamiliar or have not been able to crack the creative code yet. This is a constant challenge for any growing business.

"In the overseas markets, our account average CTR was 0.8% and now with Pencil, its 1.1%"

Want to know what ads are winning? Stop Guessing. Pencil tells you.

The key advantage of Pencil lies in its predictive power based on all the ads you've ever run on Facebook. As you run these ads, our algorithm is being continually trained on what ads are connecting with your audience and which are falling flat.

With only a 2-person team, Bark did not have the time to uncover what ads were winning or losing when it came to their campaigns.

Furthermore, when it comes to understand the creative and what components are driving performance, most of us are guessing (sorry its true).

Bark handed off that manually intensive task to the machines to give precise information to help guide their future marketing efforts.

This is collaborative intelligence: Humans and AI joining forces.

"I think it's tasking the guesswork out of it, there are so many aspects that go into creative...and Pencil is able to see faces, images, style, copy; and all these small elements. But doing this manually, you couldn't dig into the data really fast or into as much detail"


Made By Machines,
Loved By Humans

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