Ad of the Week - Wildfang

Wear you, not someone else—says Wildfang, one of the fastest-growing apparel brands. Breaking gender norms both in fashion and society, Wildfang's vision was to fill a gap in the market for clothing appealing to people all along the gender spectrum. Now with millions of dollars in annual sales, the label has expanded from one local flagship, along with its e-commerce operations.

With their growth comes continuous and consistent marketing efforts–with focus on Facebook Ads. And we chose them as this week’s best because it performed highly in terms of ROAS, and because we loved the fun mix of assets! Watch the 10-second video below.

Mixing video and image doesn’t always work well, but this particular combination was unique and interesting to watch. The high-performing combo was a result of experimenting with and testing different concepts.

And not a lot of people know about the power of testing. But at Pencil, we’re huge advocates of the saying that if you want to have good ideas, you must have many. Therefore, the best way to find ads that perform best for your brand is to keep testing different concepts—it’s the only way you’ll get a clear picture of where your ad is working and where it’s not.

We recommend testing 5-10 variations a week to optimize performance. If you need help, use Pencil to create dozens of ads in minutes. After a one-time setup of your brand kit, Pencil automatically generates ads using Copy AI and Video AI. From here you can export them directly to your FB ad account.

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