Ad of the Week - Lovevery

Learning more and building the best is what Lovevery stands for. Their goal is to help every parent feel confident, making sure their child’s needs are met at every stage with the right products designed by child development experts. “Playtime with a purpose”, as they call it,  is what they offer to parents as they aim to create developmental experiences in the lives of both the parents and their children.

In the 15-second video above, you will see that their branding focuses on the personal benefits of their brand, as mentioned above. We chose their ad as this week’s best because all of the creative elements—the color palette, the copywriting, the music, and the photos, were all cohesive and reinforced the messaging of their branding—” playtime with a purpose”.

No customer is impressed by the features and price of the product, but by meaning.  Marketing with meaning helps to add value to people’s life without dependency on purchase. This eventually becomes more valuable than the product itself. In this case, especially, branding creates an emotional connection, which is considered to be a powerful energy that plays a crucial role in molding decisions taken by a person. 

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