A Complete Guide to Generating Winning Creative Ads

October 21, 2022

A Complete Guide to Generating Winning Creative Ads

Organizations need effective advertising to build awareness, boost customer reach, increase sales, and outperform competitors. And many companies have used creative studios to build ads and foster brand memorability since time immemorial.

Unfortunately, ad campaigns aren't always successful. A good case in point involves social media. According to experts, 90% of all Facebook Ads fail! It is shocking but true. That brings us to one crucial question: do you really need a creative studio? Allow us to help you unearth the correct answer.

In detail, our article explores creative studios and their counterpart, creative agencies. Spoiler alert: we will also introduce an AI platform that's much better than these two options.

Dig in.

What is a Creative Studio?

A creative studio refers to a team of craftsmen such as graphic designers, strategic thinkers, art directors, videographers, illustrators, and animators.

When working with a creative studio, the professionals dive into your brand's soul and use different techniques to unearth its values, successes, and failures. Then, they use pertinent information to ensure your brand retains its visibility, uniqueness, and relevance in the long run.

More often than not, reputable creative studios offer a blend of services, including marketing and branding.

To summarize, a creative studio uses a team of different professionals to handle marketing and branding needs and help organizations do the following:

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Improve brand authority
  • Bolster brand awareness
  • Enhance search engine rankings
  • Grow inbound traffic

NB: What you get from creative studios primarily depends on the experts on board and what they have to offer. So, although most of these platforms claim to deliver most, if not all, of what we have outlined above, some may fail.

What Exactly is a Creative Agency, and What Services Do They Offer?

Creative agencies are somewhat similar to creative studios. How?

Like creative studios, creative agencies use a group of professionals to tailor strategies for different clients.

However, agencies are more like one-stop shops. That means they provide a wide range of services spanning diverse categories, including advertising, marketing, and technology. Studios also do that, but to a smaller extent. So, sometimes, creative studios subcontract various elements to agencies whenever necessary.

Considering the above, creative agencies often offer the following services:

  • Advertising services

A reputable creative agency can help you create different advertising strategies and campaigns. Then, they may spearhead execution and ensure the campaigns successfully reach specific demographics. That way, your brand can inform targeted groups about specific products, services, concepts, etc.

  • Design services

Brands often need to revamp their image, especially when they encounter dissatisfactory customer feedback or want to increase customer loyalty. And when this project becomes necessary, most resort to hiring design services from established creative agencies.

  • Consultation services

Some full-service creative agencies act as professional consultants. That means they provide their clients with information or advice on aspects like developing new products, cutting expenses, and reaching new markets.

What Is Pencil, and How Can It Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Pencil is an established creative AI platform that organizations use to generate winning Facebook and TikTok ads. More than 1,000 eCommerce brands use this solution to make optimum sales from their ads by building a scalable process around creative testing.

The Pencil solution has numerous key features that allow you to:

  • Connect your Shopify store and automatically import your product descriptions and branding images, and videos
  • Connect your organization's Facebook ad accounts and analyze data from historic ads
  • Generate new winning creative ads in minutes
  • Launch and scale your winning creative ads and pause losing ones
  • Determine why your winning ads work and use the insights to grow your company

Pencil is ideal for:

  • Generating creative ads for widely-used channels like TikTok and Facebook
  • Using AI predictions trained on specific data to isolate winning ads
  • Enjoying better ad results by testing more creatives

Do You Really Need a Creative Studio for Your Ad Creatives?

At this point, you know all you need to know about creative studios and the Pencil platform.

Admittedly, creative studios have their fair share of pros. Since closely-knit teams of seasoned professionals run reputable creative studios, they bring creativity, knowledge, and expertise to the table. But, if you are hell-bent on exploiting winning ads creative solutions, the Pencil app should be your go-to. Why?

  • 2x better ad results

Customer feedback has proven that Pencil ads perform 2x better than most conventional creatives. So, if you want your campaigns to outperform your competitors and reel in outstanding results today and in the future, the Pencil app can help.

Additionally, the Pencil app tests all new ads, scales apparent winners, and pauses losses. And it does that using effortless automation and workflow tools. So, with this solution, you can rest assured your brand relies on creatives guaranteed to deliver optimum results.

  • Budget-friendliness

Did you know that most companies spend 6-14% of their total revenue on marketing? And globally, organizations spend approximately $1 trillion on this on campaigns.

Advertising is a crucial marketing aspect that no business should do without. Remember, you need ads to tell consumers about specific products and services.

Suppose you plan to skip advertising due to its immense costs. In that case, DON'T do it. The pencil app costs 10x less, so you can use it to optimize ad results without breaking the bank.

  • Ease of use

Generating ad creatives with the Pencil app is pretty straightforward.

First, connect your ad accounts, and confirm your branding. Then upload video and image assets and choose your outcome, topic, and offer. Finally, specify the product that needs the ads. Once you've done all that, Pencil will generate a batch of ads in 2-3 minutes. Impressive, right?

Not to forget, Pencil has made revisions and editing a breeze. So, say goodbye to complex video editing tools and non-stop email revisions and amends.

  • Convenience

Lastly, Pencil suggests ad creatives that your company should run. It compares various options' similarities to known winners and differences from past losers. Simply put, with the Pencil app, there is no more guesswork and groping in the dark.

Ready to Enjoy Winning Ad Creatives?

Check out the Pencil platform if you are ready to take your organization to the next level with winning ad creatives. It is designed with an algorithm that generates ad creatives based on what is working for your brand and what you haven't tried yet. Plus, it offers 2x better ad results while costing up to 10x less!

But, don't take our word for it. Check out what people say about the Pencil app from our Case Studies as you prepare to test your way to success.


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