8 UGC creators for ecommerce brands to follow

Marketing is changing with the exploding number and engagement of social media users. Credible content about a brand's products or services from its own target audience is increasingly an absolute must-have.

Simply put, ecommerce brands need to work with user-generated content (UGC) creators to build their brands and sell their products online. In this article we'll summarize what UGC is, why it's important and introduce you to some UGC creators you can work with to get content for your brand.

Why does your eCommerce brand need UGC?

UGC is essentially curated feedback from consumers about a brand's products and services. It contains the users' experiences, opinions, and buying decisions. It can take the form of images, videos, ratings, reviews, GIFs or audio. UGC contributes to credibility, authenticity, social proof and brand identity by highlighting the real-life experiences of real-life people using the brand and products. It also converts incredibly well when used as advertising creative! Adopting UGC is beneficial in multiple ways, especially for ecommerce brands. Here are a few reasons:

It boosts conversions

The authenticity of UGC builds trust, and as a result can strongly influence consumers' decisions on what brand to buy. Honest, thoughtful reviews about your brand's products or services create real-time credibility. By selecting your creators carefully, you can quickly build up large amounts of UGC that don't just promote your brand and products but explain use cases, overcome resistance and demonstrate benefits to truly help new customers make the right purchase for them.

It builds awareness

Many creators (although not all) can not just help create UGC but also distribute it to your target audience. The online community is always looking for new products, and they trust the advice of other buyers. Creators are skilled at explaining their reasons for buying and know how to grab attention on the channels where your customers spend their time.

It helps the buyer's journey

UGC naturally moves the conversation on social media channels towards "purchase mode". With all the noise on social media, putting buyers into the right frame of mind to make a purchase is important. But advertising often does this too abruptly, which can result in your brand being ignored. By featuring real people talking about their personal shopping experiences, brands can bridge the gap between buyers scrolling and adding products to their card in a natural way.

It encourages loyalty

When collected in sufficient volume, UGC creates a perception that many other people are using your products. This results in increased trust for the brand and a sense of loyalty to the community that has been created. Only authentic content created by actual users of the product is able to have this effect.

It can be re-used in multiple places

UGC is valuable not just on social media - it can also be a powerful tool on your website, in emails, on landing pages and with partners. As every piece of UGC is in effect a testimonial it is also "evergreen" content meaning it does not lose its relevance, and can pay off its cost over time similar to a long-term investment.

It can create a virtuous cycle with customers

UGC collected from your own customer base provides a mechanism for you to reach out to existing customers (who already have your product and a smartphone to shoot it with) and offer them discounts for additional purchases if they share reviews or video reviews. This two-way value exchange is often appreciated by customers - many of whom are excited by the prospect of being featured by your brand as well.

UGC creators you can follow

So now you understand the potential value of UGC to your brand. But how do you find creators who can help you produce UGC? Ideally you want to collect a mixture of UGC - both featuring the authenticity of real customers and the skill of creators sampling your products. Here's a list of a variety of UGC content creators to help you get started:


Sonya focuses on the health, fitness, wellness, and self-care spaces. She is from Chicago, Illinois.

She is a NASM personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

Contact her here https://twitter.com/sonyalrobinson


Anastasia uses Vimeo to give webinars and voice-over content from Orlando, Florida.

Interact with her here https://twitter.com/ugc_anastasia


With a focus on Ecom, DTC, web, and brand designs, Denise creates video content for any brand.

For more https://twitter.com/SunnyDSocial


She hails from San Antonio, TX.

Diana specializes in UGC videos using TikTok and IG Reels.

Talk to her https://twitter.com/anaidmargo


She has an interest in UGC and ad creatives using TikTok.

From Las Vegas, NV

Contact her https://twitter.com/ZalyssaCreates


From Maryland, USA, Penelope focuses on Ecom UGC content on motherhood and lifestyle using TikTok.

Chat with her at https://twitter.com/penelopesocials


She lives in Georgia, USA.

Madi creates UGC content on products like beauty products, home decor, clothing, kitchen supplies, snacks, drinks, and food.

Get her at https://twitter.com/creatively_madi


Based in Londo, Nayim creates UGC content for eCommerce brands on TikTok.

Find him here https://twitter.com/JustNayim

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