5 easy ways to use video editing online tools for your brand marketing

A study by Wyzowl shows that 92% of marketers value videos as one of the crucial parts of their overall marketing strategy. Marketers use videos for brand marketing as they significantly improve audience engagement, among other benefits.

Nowadays, technology has made creating videos easy. You can create videos in a matter of seconds without spending a fortune. This is made easy and possible using creative AI such as video editing online tools.

Read on to learn some easy ways to make exciting and engaging content using these tools.

Create A Video from Scratch Using the Free Templates of a Video Editing App

There are several video editing apps that offer free templates. You can use these templates to create a customized video from scratch. The best thing about templates is that you don't need to spend several hours to create videos using them.

Additionally, you don't need special training to use most of them as they are easy and ready to use. They also allow you to create customized videos that resonate with your brand. Customized videos will enable you to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

To use video templates, you only need to find a suitable template in an app and add your logo, text, images, and other crucial information to customize it for your brand. You can also choose the sound effects to use for the videos.

Turn Customer Conversations into Video Testimonials

You can create video testimonials using your customers' conversations and share them on your social media pages, YouTube, and even your website using video editing online tools. And doing so is easy. Just look for the positive reviews your customers have left on your website and social media pages. You can then use them to create a video and share them.

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful brand marketing tools. Having positive reviews from your customers about your brand can make a considerable difference in your future sales.

Customers tend to trust other customers more than they trust your ads. When they read positive and encouraging conversations from other customers, they will see your brand as credible and trustworthy. And turning the conversations into video content is even better, as it helps create more depth and encourages your audience to view them.

Turn Blog Posts into Social Videos  

You can turn your existing blog posts into social videos using video editing apps. You don't need to write others from scratch. However, you can still add more content if you feel essential information is missing. The secret here is using the most successful blog posts. If a post performs well in its written form, it can also de well when in video form.

Once you have identified a suitable blog post, create a script for your video using the content from your blog posts. And you don't have to invest in expensive equipment for this. Even a smartphone with a good camera can work well. Remember to polish the video using a video editor.

Additionally, you can host a live video on your social channels and discuss the content of a particular blog post. Live videos help you interact with your audience more deeply. They can understand the details in the post better and can also ask questions.

There are several reasons why turning blog posts into social videos work perfectly. The first one is that not everyone likes reading blog posts. No matter how good your posts are, some people just don't have the zeal to read them from word to word. Transforming the post into a video can help such people. Additionally, turning blog posts into videos increases your blog traffic as you can encourage people to read the blog through the video.

Turn Your Existing Images & Videos into Ads

You can easily turn your existing images and videos into ads using a video editing app. You can use ad-generating tools where you upload your images and videos, include an ad topic, and boom, an ad is created.

These tools help save time. They also generate high-quality ads that drive conversions.

Turn Video Content into More Content

You can use a video editing app to create several content types using the videos you already have. Below are some of the pieces of content you can turn a video into.


Video content is engaging and attention-capturing. However, not everyone is able to sit down, stop doing other things and focus on watching a video. That's one of the reasons why you should make audio content from your videos. Audio content is less demanding, and a person can do other things as they listen to it.

Blog Post

Although video content is a favorite for many, written content is not going anywhere. It is still valuable to people who prefer reading to watching. To turn a video into a blog, transcribe its audio into text. You can then polish the text by adding subheadings, images, and some keywords.

Carousal Infographics

Carousal infographics have become very popular due to their ease of information display and consumption. You can create infographics using a video to display them in a visual format. You only need to condense information in a visually-appealing form creatively.

Live Video

Discuss the key takeaways from your videos through live videos on your social platforms. You can then direct your viewers to watch the full video. Live videos help you form a deep connection with your audience.

Conducting live videos is easy since there are several platforms you can conduct these lives. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Video Teaser

Create a video teaser and post it on your social channels to entice your audience to watch the full video. Let it be short but interest-sparking. The secret to creating a good teaser is precisely giving the correct information.


You can easily create video content for your brand marketing using an online video editing app instead of hiring expensive agencies to create the videos for you. These apps enable you to make videos smoothly and ensure that the videos created perform well. Try Pencil today to create video ads that translate to sales easily.


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