5 Easy Steps to Get More Leads with Free Video Ads Maker

October 21, 2022

Video remains one of the most effective tools of modern marketing in the world today. There is a very good reason for this: video is the clearest and most effective way to pass an idea quickly. If you don't believe it, let the numbers convince you.

According to HubSpot, as many as 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they supported in 2021. Another Entrepreneur.com report showed that over 59% of marketers say that video marketing showed a great return on investment in the same year.

However, despite the dominance and effectiveness of video ads, today's audience has little patience for long and boring videos. The most effective video ads are getting shorter, highly information-dense, and, most importantly, creative. Marketers and entrepreneurs face the challenge of capturing public attention with innovative and inspiring ads. The usual run-of-the-mill promotional videos just do not cut it anymore.

What is Video Advertising and How Does it Work?

Video marketing is a form of marketing that involves the use of brief but informative video content to promote a product, brand, or idea. Most videos often tell a story and may include promotional content before, during, or after the main video. Telling a story in a video message aims to capture the attention of the target audience long enough to pass a message or implant the idea in the user's memory.

Video marketing works by engaging with prospects and clients across multiple platforms. It is increasingly being used by small to medium sized businesses to attract, convert, and retain new customers. When properly implemented in a marketing campaign, video ads benefit the advertiser in seven major ways:

  • Create a buzz about the brand, product, or idea
  • Video gives a message greater exposure and engagement
  • Boosts the understanding of a product or brand
  • Video ads help products stand out more
  • Video is a more personal way to engage an audience
  • Helps keywords rank higher in search results
  • Marketers can play simple free ads videos across platforms.

As video advertising evolves and the public demands more and better content, video ad-making tools are rapidly evolving. Most tools are innovative and designed to be easy to create professional-looking video ads. This is a part of the reason that as many as 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in their campaigns today. If your business has not, then it is missing out on great opportunities.

What are The Most Popular Video Ad Platforms?

Here are the most popular digital video ads platforms in 2022.

1. YouTube

YouTube is probably the most popular video marketing platform, with over 2.3 billion monthly logged-in users worldwide. YouTube ads video reach the widest audience, and most of the $55.34 billion advertisers spent on video advertising in 2021 went to Google.

2. Facebook

Meta proved how serious it was with video content and Facebook ads videos with the launch of its Facebook Watch platform in 2017. According to Sprout Social, Facebook's ad revenue saw a 56% increase during 2021 alone (reaching a total of $28.6 billion).

3. TikTok

TikTok is the go-to video advertising platform for marketers and publishers targeting 16 to 21-year-olds. The short portrait-form video platform broke records by reaching 500 million active users within the first year after it launched in 2018.

TikTok celebrated its 1 billionth user in September 2021. It was no surprise that TikTok ads video recorded an estimated income of $4 billion in the same year; after all, the TikTok Ads Manager is becoming increasingly popular because of how easy it is to use in creating video ads.

4. Instagram

Instagram may be playing catch-up with TikTok as far as short videos go, but the platform is a formidable competitor thanks to its diverse user base. Instagram Ads boasts high click-through rates, and their ad publishing platform offers lots of options to target viewers.

All video ads typically allow marketers and publishers to create their own content and only pay for impressions. For instance, a business or marketer can use a free ads video creation tool such as Pencil ads library to create marketing videos for their marketing campaign.

5 Easy Steps to Create Free Video Ads Using Pencil and Start Getting More Leads  

There are many ways you can create short video ads that will gain traction and reach a wide audience, but not all of them are effective. The secret to getting more leads, sales, or exposure with video ads is to get creative when creating them. One way is to use a simple free ads video to generate new ad ideas and personalize them for your product, idea, or brand.

Pencil, a free video creation tool, is one of a kind platform. It uses AI to generate innovative but relevant videos that you can publish on any platform in just five steps:

Step 1: Connect Pencil to your ad accounts in one click. The platform will then fetch your account insights and train a predictive model that will make creating and exporting video ads easy.

Step 2: Personalize the branding on your content for the target audience. Let the AI know who the target audience is based on graphics, font faces and color styles, and button styles.

Step 3: Upload a library of your assets, including images, videos, and audio. With Pencil, you can upload brand or product and UGC videos up to ten minutes long, pack shots, and lifestyle images.  The platform will seamlessly merge your assets with the chosen media from an extensive  Video Ads Library.

Step 4: What do you expect your video to achieve? Increase sales? More subscriptions? Brand awareness? Based on your desired outcome, choose the metrics to measure the ad performance and include topics, tags, and any other offers accompanying the campaign.

Step 5: Finally, select a product and let AI generate a batch of ads for you. Pencil will use the attached assets to create static and video ads in various publication-ready formats in just two to three minutes.


There is a lot at risk when a video ad campaign is botched; it is understandable if your first campaign is scary. By studying, planning, and preparing your video ads, you increase the chances of getting the desired outcome from your marketing campaign.

You can never go wrong with the powerful free ads video creation tool Pencil. This creator platform is designed to make it easy and fun to create your video ads. If you would like to find out free ads video can work for your brand or product, go to Pencil to get three free ads per month free to try it and find out how it works.


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