20+ best ad creative tools compared (2022)

These are the 20+ best ad creative tools to make creating ads easier, faster and lower cost in 2022. Oh, and some of them help you make more money from your ad campaigns too!

We focused on tools that specifically help with producing ad creative for the most popular social platforms where most people spend their time, and most brands spend their advertising budgets. There are many "best tools for ads" articles out there, but we didn't want to focus on tools that help with ads management or media buying, and we didn't want to focus on banner ads.

In 2022, producing ad creative for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube is rapidly becoming the highest impact but most challenging part of getting results with ads. You need to test a large amount of social media ad creative to get results, and most teams still do this manually. This leads to hours or days of creative resource going into ad creative, most of which doesn't perform - resulting in frustration, wasted money and wasted time.

When should you use a specialized ad creative tool?

  • If you need better results. There's only so far you'll get with generic, free or native tools
  • If you want to lower creative costs or wastage. You'll know when your current processes have reached breaking point
  • If you need more scale. You can see in the data that you find winners sometimes, and you need to test more to win more often
  • If you want to try new channels. You're getting results in one channel, but you don't have the bandwidth to add another channel
  • If you're building an in-house team. Every dedicated team needs great tooling to avoid bad workflows and ballooning headcount

How to pick the best ad creative tool for you?

  • Decide who is the user - is it a founder, brand marketer, growth marketer, media buyer, creative?
  • Decide what is the key requirement - is it more creatives, different creatives, less time investment, lower unit costs?

Once you understand your user and key requirement, we've identified 20+ of the best ad creative tools in the following categories:

  1. Tools to create ads at scale
  2. Tools to create ads one at a time
  3. Tools to collect creative raw material
  4. Tools to find creative insights
  5. Tools to run creative tests

So without further ado, let's take a look at the 20+ best ad creative tools

Tools to create ads at scale

Tools to create ads one at a time

Tools to collect creative raw material

Tools to find creative insights

Tools to run creative tests

Tools to create ads at scale

Pencil https://www.trypencil.com

"The easiest way to get winning ad creative. Fast-growing ecommerce brands use Pencil to get 2x better ad results at 10x less time and cost. Pencil uses algorithms to generate winning ad creative. The secret weapon of 1,000+ ecommerce brands and agencies."

Price: $250-750 per month, billed monthly

Shuttlerock https://www.shuttlerock.com

"Create without Compromise. Create attention-worthy digital that moves, built from any asset and scaled to every screen. Digital Creative, Done Differently. With Shuttlerock, you can have it all: quality, speed, cost and scale. Gone are the days of compromise. Shuttlerock has redefined the industry by doing digital creative differently."

Price: From $6,000 per month, billed annually

Hunch https://www.hunchads.com

"Attract & Convert More Customers. Hunch is an automated creative production and media buying platform that empowers brands and agencies to grow on paid social. Creatives + Data + Automation. Hunch is a creative automation platform that combines dynamic creative video & image production with automated ad buying. With Hunch, you build amazing customer journeys on Facebook and Instagram, that personalize experiences and convert customers with the right creative at the right time."

Price: Contact us

Tools to create ads one at a time

Canva https://www.canva.com

"Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and ads. Thousands Of Custom Templates And Stock Images, Easy-To-Use Editing Features, And More! Priority Support. 100% Happiness Guarantee. 200K+ Companies On Board. Free 30 Day Trial. Simple To Use Interface. Styles: Logos, Social Media Posts, Business Cards."

Price: Free or ~$15/mo, billed monthly for Canva Pro

Promo https://www.promo.com

"The only video maker you need. Join millions of businesses creating videos in minutes. Use unlimited media from iStock and Getty Images! Power your business with unlimited videos. Bring any idea to life in minutes - by yourself. Easily create compelling video ads, social media videos, product videos, explainer videos and more. The perfect solution for giving your brand a voice at scale."

Price: $29-$99/mo, billed annually

Invideo https://www.invideo.io

"Create stunningvideos, easily. InVideo is a powerful, online video editor. It comes packed with 5000+ templates, iStock media, music library, filters, transitions and much more. No download required."

Price: Free or $15-$30/mo, billed annually

Offeo https://www.offeo.com

"Product Videos, Social Content, and Logo Animation made easy. Simple yet powerful platform. Create amazing content in less than 3 minutes. Join over 300,000+ businesses to create unique brand designs for social media today."

Price: $12/mo, billed annually

Figma https://www.figma.com

"Nothing great is made alone. Figma connects everyone in the design process so teams can deliver better products, faster. Explore ideas together. Diagram, sticky-note, and workshop in FigJam—an online whiteboard for you and your team to brainstorm in the open."

Price: Free or $12-$45/mo, billed annually

Tools to collect creative raw material

Loox https://www.loox.app

"The leading Shopify reviews and referrals app. Fast-growing brands choose Loox for beautiful customer reviews and effortless referrals. The strongest form of social proof. Turn your customers into your best marketers! With Loox visual-centric reviews and referrals, you can drive endless ROI from a happy customer."

Price: $9.99-$299.99/mo, billed monthly

Stamped.io https://www.stamped.io

"Accelerate brand growth with Reviews. Join the 45,000+ happy customers that trust Stamped to accelerate their eCommerce businesses. Our AI-powered eCommerce marketing solutions enable you to build meaningful connections with your customers by keeping them engaged and rewarding them for shopping with you."

Price: $19-249/mo, billed annually

Archive.ai https://www.archive.ai

"Automatically save Instagram stories and posts your brand is tagged in. Archive App automatically detects when your brand gets tagged on Instagram. Once content is identified, it's uploaded to your Archive App. And yes, Archive App saves Instagram Stories, not just feed posts."

Price: Free or $9.99-$34.99/mo, billed monthly

Mini Social https://www.minisocial.com

"The UGC platform forfemale founded 🤝brands. We're minisocial, a fully-managed platform that pairs brands with micro influencer creators who produce user generated content on demand and at scale. Good campaigns start with good creators. At minisocial, we work with micro influencers with a track record of producing great content. Together, they generate thousands of fully-licensed UGC assets for brands on minisocial each month."

Price: From $2,000 per campaign

Billo https://www.billo.app

"Get affordable eCom videos from top creators. Trusted by 15,000 brands and agencies. Thousands of U.S.-based home studio creators. Custom-made videos at scale for 10X less. Videos starting at $59."

Price: $59-89 per video

Soona https://www.soona.co

"PHOTO & VIDEO FOR YOUR STORE. Every product needs a photo. Create content that sells. Create more 📸 for less💰 with soona: you build the shoot that is right for you and your budget. the best part? no minimums. you get to buy the content you truly love."

Price: $259-$899 per pack of photos or $393-790 per pack of videos

Tools to find creative insights

Motion https://www.motionapp.com

"Your performance creative hub. Supercharge your team’s workflow to bridge the gap between media buyers and creatives."

Price: $99-$349/mo, billed monthly

Vidmob https://www.vidmob.com

"The World’s Leading Platform for Intelligent Creative. Maximize campaign performance with measurably better ad creative. See the difference performance enhancing creative can make."

Price: Contact us

Pudding.ai https://www.pudding.ai

"The taste of great creative. Easily understand your ad creative performance. Get actionable insights you need in real-time. With Pudding.ai you can easily view the performance of your ad creatives in real-time, See which creative elements help or hurt your KPIs, Get actionable insights for future campaigns, Share data with everyone in your team."

Price: Free or Contact us

Tools to run creative tests

Smartly https://www.smartly.io

"Powering Beautifully Effective Ads. Smartly.io automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity. Raise the Creative Bar. Take your static images, videos, and other creative assets to the next level. Smartly.io’s creative automation tools and templates draw on your product catalog or data sources to customize your creatives, plugging in localized offers, price and copy variations."

Price: From ~$5,000/mo

Marpipe https://www.marpipe.com

"Test your way to top ad performance. THE MULTIVARIATE TESTING PLATFORM FOR AD CREATIVE. How does multivariate ad testing work? Think A/B testing … on steroids. Multivariate testing measures the performance of every possible combination of creative variables — images, headlines, logo variations, calls to action, you name it. Marpipe automates the entire process for image and video ad creative."

Price: ~$2,500-$5,000/mo, billed monthly

Revealbot https://www.revealbot.com

"Scale results. Not workload. Revealbot automates your ad management routine so you can focus on reaching results, faster."

Price: $83-$2,519/mo, billed annually

Weighed the options and think Pencil might offer you the best balance of cost, time, effort, performance and quality in a creative tool?

Check out pricing plans, get started with a free trial or book a demo with us to find out more https://www.trypencil.com/pricing


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