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Our weekly ad of the week, the new Hey Pencil series, and more exciting content coming your way.
March 5, 2021
Written by James Chadwick

As a thank you to you—our readers, we're very excited to bring you a new stream of content that we hope you'll enjoy—the Pencil Youtube channel!

With the launch of our channel, we're committed to give you insightful, engaging content beginning with the new Hey Pencil series.

In a span of seven videos, we show you how Pencil helps solve common problems marketers run into when generating Facebook ads—as told by Pencil CEO, Will Hanschell.

To start, watch the 30-sec video above and let us show you how to create video ads from brand assets with Pencil!

In addition to this, we've also been running a weekly initiative called
Ad of the Week where we showcase the best of the best in machine-generated creative, every week. You'll find all of them on our channel as well!

We're hope to bring you more engaging content so stay tuned,
subscribe to our Youtube channel, and let us know what you want to see! Happy watching!

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