4 types of cost saving using Creative AI to generate Facebook Ads

Using MGC to develop Facebook Ads can already beat humans on cost, and this trend will certainly accelerate.
November 4, 2020 | Insights
Written by James Chadwick

Like most self-serve tools, as volume scales up, the cost per ad comes down.

Mykim Dang, a full-stack digital creator with Facebook’s Creative Shop and America’s Test Kitchen shared how Pencil’s MGC has changed her creative operations.

“Pencil provided a one-stop solution that helped streamline every part of my workflow.  Instead of spinning cycles or reinventing the wheel with every new project, I can let the system focus on scale while I focus on the creative details.”

“With the amount of deliverables and platforms where content is now consumed, I needed a tool like Pencil to help supercharge my ability to create new assets quickly, while simultaneously learning what I could do better with every iteration.”

The 4 main drivers of cost saving are:

1. Direct cost savings of designer salaries or fees.

2. Indirect cost savings from fewer briefs and reviews, and from data analysis being mostly integrated and automated.

3. Creative production costs will drop because it’s simpler to collect small batches of high-quality clips and images, and User Generated content to feed the MGC, than it is to storyboard, shoot and edit a scripted film.

4. You can sweat your existing creative assets more efficiently. Take that $200k film you shot on the Amalfi Coast three summers ago, and see how the MGC repurposes it for your next campaign.

As Gil David, Founder of Run DMG agency explained:

"MGC is already helping us cut costs, and we’ve only just started. We always test numerous creative variations to optimize performance, and Pencil allows us to generate a higher volume of ads more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost”

Explore www.trypencil.com to see examples, data and to find out why the world’s best marketers and agencies are using Creative AI.