Powerful creative AI features

Write copy with AI

AI Copy & Narratives

Use OpenAI GPT-3 to generate new ways to talk about and pitch your products.

Automate video creation

Automated video Edits

Automatically cut and splice your images and video into whole new ad concepts.

Brand Kits

Upload and lock your logos, fonts and colors so all generated ads stay on-brand.

Diverse By Design

Ensure that ads you test are statistically different enough to find breakout winners.

predictive score

Predictive score

Compare generated ads to past winners. Always run the "next best" test.

New Ideas in Minutes

Generate new ad ideas to try in minutes, and make edits instantly.

“We were surprised by the quality of Pencil’s machine-generated creative ads. A lot of fresh variety, compelling copy, and our FB ROAS performance has been very promising so far.”
Carly LondonGrowth Marketing Consultant

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